Convergence of Art and Blockchain Technology

GalleryCoin is in the decentralized art ecosystem provided by Canvas N.
It is a cryptocurrency in its own token format designed to be used under optimal conditions.

GalleryCoin (GLR) is for artist galleries and collectors.
We provide an artistic experience free from possible problems such as unclear distribution history and controversy over forgery.

GalleryCoin US$ 0.269103

Gallery Coin (GRL)

GalleryCoin is a token-type cryptocurrency designed to be used under optimal conditions in the decentralized art ecosystem provided by Canvas N.

GalleryCoin (GLR) provides artist galleries and collectors with an art experience free from possible problems such as unclear distribution history and forgery controversies.

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Canvas N produces and consumes various art contents. Providing Gallery Coin (GLR) to platform participants.
Through Gallery Coin, artists can continue their artistic activities and The gallery can participate in Canvas N’s various exhibitions. Collectors can experience a variety of art experiences.

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Canvas N Gallery Offline Gallery (Apgujeong, Seojong)

Canvas N gallery, an offline gallery, is an offline space and platform built to provide a special customer experience. The excitement of art, more special experiences that are hard to feel online, and offline optimized events are mainly held at Canvas N Gallery.

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Online Auction

Operated by Canvas N using Gallery Coin (GLR) You can participate in various online auctions.

Anyone can easily enjoy auctioning art works on an interface with various reference materials about the work and the author, as well as the trend of the artist's value that can be viewed at a glance.

Artwork rental service

Gallery Coin (GLR) is used to rent various works owned by Canvas N.

If you deposit Gallery Coins, you can rent them at different rates.

Artwork warranty NFT

Canvas N uses Gallery Coin (GLR) to issue artwork warranty NFTs and records art transactions that occur within the Canvas N platform on a blockchain.

This artwork warranty NFT is also transacted through the Gallery Coin main contract in transactions between third parties that occur on Canvas N, so the more Gallery Coin is used, the more transparent the art market can be formed.

NFT Marketplace

By using Gallery Coin (GLR), you can participate in the NFT marketplace where artists and collectors can freely create and trade.

Through Canvas N's NFT marketplace, artists can create new NFT works and trade their works by converting them into NFTs.

Canvas N greatly contributes to the development of the art market by promoting the creative activities of artists by providing them with access to various art techniques through the NFT marketplace.

MilcomedaN NFT project issued directly by Canvas N

The MilcomedaN project is a PFP NFT issued to actively expand the Canvas N ecosystem and is a VIP of the Canvas N platform with numerous celebrity holders.

Performs various roles within the Metaverse Gallery and NFT marketplace and can receive various benefits depending on your contribution to the platform.

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Metaverse Gallery

Canvas N provides Metaverse Gallery exhibition and viewing services to platform users.

Using Gallery Coin (GLR), you can freely exhibit and purchase in Metaverse Gallery's WEB3.0 environment, and experience various artistic values beyond borders.

WEB 3.0

Gallery Coin (GLR) aims to create a WEB 3.0 environment for content owners and users.

Based on blockchain technology, it protects users' digital identities and solves problems with existing centralized systems.