Canvas N, Online/Offline Art-Tech Platform in the Global Art Ecosystem

Canvas N, an art-tech platform, where artists and galleries around the world can freely sell and purchase actual and NFT artworks and hold exhibitions through Metaverse Gallery.

GalleryCoin is a proprietary token-type cryptocurrency designed to be used under optimal conditions in the decentralized art ecosystem provided by Canvas N.

The Convergence of Art and Blockchain Technology

PFP NFT Milkomeda N
by Canvas N

Milkomeda N Collaboration
Pacquiao x DKYOO Special Match

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“The first offline exhibition of Canvas N will be held soon.”
Canvas N Offline Gallery The First Grand Exhibition
Korean Dansaekhwa

2023. 05. 12 - 2023. 07.09

Address : 25, Eonju-ro 172-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
GLR (GalleryCoin)

Listed on LBANK (Global Cryptocurrency Exchange)

Deposit open
Trading open
Withdrawal open
  • Collaboration with French Media Art Master Miguel Chevalier’s Exhibition (Digital Beauty)
  • Advertising for the 5 major city buses in Korea
  • Advertisements with Journal
    (Monthly Art, GQ, Luxury, etc.)
  • Outdoor Advertising in Seoul
  • Milkomeda N PET NFT Minting
  • Korea's first Large-Scale NFT Exhibition
    (Seoul Auction Gangnam Center)
  • Korea's first Large-Scale NFT Exhibition
    (Seoul Auction Gangnam Center)
  • Art Toy
  • Milkomeda N Special NFT Minting
  • TV & Media
  • TV & Media
  • Collaboration with Special Match Between Pacquiao and DK Yoo
  • Collaboration with Special Match Between Pacquiao and DK Yoo
Launch Background 01 Fraud and Forgery Artwork
Intransparent Trade
Untrustworthy Distribution

The problems of the artwork forgeries, intransparent trade,and
unknown distribution history are emerging in the NFT art maket which is in the spotlight as an investment asset.

Launch Background 02 Online art market
is rapidly growing

In the online art mraket, where digital transformation and full-fledged changes in artworks begin, the online market is being activated with the direct participation of the MZ generation. In line with this, the newly launched Canvas N project promtes the future through the development of the the online art market and the connection of blockchain technology.

Canvas N Online
Art Trading/NFT Market/Auction

Grand Open in July 2023

Beta Open in December 2022
Canvas N Offline
Rent/Permanent Exhibition/Special Exhibition

Grand Open in May 2023

7 Story-Building in Gangnam
Milkomeda N
PFP NFT Project by Canvas N

The First exhibition at Seoul Auction Gangnam Center in September 2022

10,000 NFTs minting completed
Art Investment Platform Canvas N

With the rapid rise of Art-Investment, Canvas N, which appeared to promote the development of artwork, analyzes the problems of the existing market and enables more convenient original art transactions, NFT transactions, Auctions, Metaverse Gallery.

Canvas N is an on/offline integrated blockchain project that connects domestic and international galleries, artists and collectors to provide an easy and reasonable trading environment. On/offline-connected services guarantee the opportunities of exhibition and reliability.

CANVASN GALLERY PTE. LTD. The objectives and functions targeted by Canvas N are as follows

Canvas N intends to establish a new platform ecosystem for the trades, actions, metaverse gallery, exhibitions, donations, and more that can satisfy all buyers, artists, and the galleries that mediate them.

    • Canvas N Online

      Platform for online art trading and bidding

    • Canvas N Offline

      Offline platform for trading and bidding artworks

    • Canvas N NFT

      NFT publishing and marketplace consulting

    • Canvas N Certificate

      Art certificate provided

    • Canvas N Exhibition

      On/Offline exhibition

    • Canvas N Metaverse

      Web 3.0 exhibition in metaverse space

    • Canvas N Artist

      Offering each artist specialized services and accommodations

    • Canvas N Service

      Offer monthly magazines and specialized curation, etc.

    • Milkomeda N PFP NFT

      Additional Minting of Milkomeda N and special NFT

    • Milkomeda N Goods

      Increase royalty by producing a variety of goods

    • Milkomeda N Community

      Communities that are active, like those where influencers are involved

    • Milkomeda N Partnership

      Partnerships pertaining to the arts

  • GalleryCoin GLR
    • Utilize on Art Investment Platform Canvas N with GalleryCoin (GLR)
    • Global Art Trade
    • Transaction Support in NFT Market Place (Mainnet Development)
    • Metaverse Gallery Exhibition
    • Artwork Certificate NFT
Canvas N
Canvas N
Since 2020, Purchasing 10 billion won worth of artworks from K Auction, Seoul Auction, and Gana Art for this project CANVAS N Collection
  • From Fire-2 Lee Bae

    Acrylic on canvs
    Charcoal black on canvas 162.2x130.3cm

  • A bigger Book, Art Edition D David Hockney

    Ipad drawing in colours
    printed on archival paper
    Edition 238 of 250

  • Untitled -94080 Lee Kang So

    Acrylic on canvas
    130x162cm (100ho)

  • Jonathan Edelhuber (b.1984)
    Panther Rosa Rosa
    Katherine Bernhardt

    Acrylic on wood

  • 18-lll-70 Kim Whan Ki

    Oil and gouache on paper

  • Connection with the universe Shiota Chiharu


  • Making a wish (Stacking stones) Qwaya

    Oil on canvas

  • Yin and Yang 8-S 65 Kim Ku Lim

    Acrylic on digital printing, Collage on canvas

  • Waterdrop ENS87013 Kim TschangYeul

    Oil, Acrylic on Jute

  • Untitled Kim Whan Ki

    Mixed media on canvas

  • Merry Go Round Moon Hyeong Tae

    Oil on canvas

  • Ecriture No.970324 Park Seo Bo

    Mixed media with Korean paper laid on Canvas

  • Bonfire Woo Kuk Won

    Oil on canvas

  • With Wind S8708-39 Lee U Fan

    Pigment on Canvas

  • Untitled Yun Hyong Keun

    Oil on linen

  • Work Yoo Young Kuk

    Oil on canvas

  • Untitled Stanley Whitney

    Oil on Linen

  • Conjunction 96-08 Ha Chong Hyun

    Oil on hemp cloth

  • Room 1 Jonas Wood

    Gouache and colored pencil on paper

  • Untitled Yoshitomo Nara

    Colored pencil envelope

  • Ada×2 Alex Katz

    Archival Pigment Print
    81×119cm (edition 120/150)

Canvas N Offline Canvas N Offline, the offline gallery, is an offline space and platform established to offer special experiences for client.

In Canvas N Offline, there will be not only exhibitions of actual artworks but also NFT arts that use digital frames and blockchain technology. Private places such as VIP Lounge, rooftop community and exclusive auctions are planned for the Canvas N members, which will provide offline experiences combined with art.

7 Story-Building in Gangnam
(Grand Open in April, 2023)

Grand Scale Gallery will Open Soon
(Scheduled in 2024)


GalleryCoin  is a token-type cryptocurrency designed
to be used with an optimal condition on art and NFT art services
that Canvas N Online offers, the key platform of the project.

  • 1. Utilizing GalleryCoin (GLR) in the "Canvas N" Art Investment Platform
    • Support trade/participate in auctions/register artworks

  • 2. Global Art Trade
    • Trade with artworks from various nations and artists

    • Transaction Support of Global Auction Corporation

  • 3. Transaction Support in NFT Market Place (Mainnet Development)
    • Minting, issuing, restration, transaction

  • 4. Support Metaverse Gallery
    • Exhibition in metaverse space

    • Transaction of NFT artworks in the metaverse space

  • 5. Artwork Certificate NFT
    • Everyone can check freely the artwork information through meta data.

    • Via transactions, it offers a transparent delivery provenence.

GalleryCoin (GLR)
Canvas N System (Partnership and Utility)
  • Art Investment Platform
  • Metaverse Gallery
  • Artwork Certificate NFT
  • Art Fair & Art Exhibition
  • Key Cryptocurrency

    Key currency universally available in the vast artistic ecosystem associated with Canvas N

  • ERC-20

    Etherium standard smart contract for convenience anywhere in the world

  • Security

    All transactions, including payment and remittance of virtual assets, are recorded in a safe and transparent GalleryCoin blockchain, and secure safety nets such as domestic special fund laws, personal identification, and and anti-money laundering technologies.

Canvas N Business Model

In order to solve the problems of the unreasonable art market structure such as complicated payment methods and excessive commission, Canvas N operates reasonably as follows. It also aims to foster exclusive and rising artists and to grow the value of Canvas N and GalleryCoin through continuous activities through online and offline marketing.

GalleryCoin(GLR) Token Economy

The variety of this profit structure will be reflected in the token economy that GalleryCoin plans to create. The greatest variety of art, from traditional works of art to future-focused Art NFT, is offered by the Canvas N art ecosystem. Additionally, by luring diverse market participants, from standard art transactions to blockchain-based payment mechanisms like metaverse, we are creating a token ecosystem. The growth of galleries, artist, NFT teams, and collectors will coincide with the expansion of the art market in the transparent token economy of GalleryCoin.

Token Information
Token Standard, Network
ERC-20 Standard(Ethereum Blockchain Network)
Token Contract Address
The Maximum Issue Volume
2,000,000,000 GLR
Initial Issue Volume
20,000,000 GLR
Token Allocation and Distribution
Groups Token amount Portion Lock-up Vesting Plan
Seed Sale 20,000,000 1.0% - -
Private Sale 20,000,000 1.0% 3 Months Vesting for 6 months
Strategic Sale 8,000,000 0.4% 3 Months Vesting for 18 months
Public Sale 20,000,000 1.0% - Vesting for 36 months
Team 200,000,000 10.0% 24 Months Vesting for 24 months
Advisor 100,000,000 5.0% 24 Months Vesting for 24 months
Ecosystem 300,000,000 15.0% 6 Months Vesting for 36 months
Liquidity 200,000,000 10.0% - Vesting for 12 months
Marketing 200,000,000 10.0% - Vesting for 12 months
Platform 600,000,000 30.0% 24 Months Vesting for 60 months
milkomedaN Owners 132,000,000 6.6% 1 Month Vesting for 6 months
Charity 100,000,000 5.0% - Vesting for 60 months
Reserve 100,000,000 5.0% 6 Months Vesting for 24 months
Total Issue 2,000,000,000 100.0%

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Token Allocation
PFP NFT Project Milkomeda N by Canvas N

Milkomeda N Project, Young and Rich Society NFT project that values culture and the arts, is a PFP NFT that was created for the active expansion of the Canvas N environment.
Over the course of more than a year, we worked with numerous teams, including writers and studios, to develop a worldview and made tremendous efforts to give each work of art value by reflecting current trends and using a variety of colors, expressions, and expressions.

“Recording 1 ETH Floor Price
on the World’s Largest NFT Exchange”
(10,000 Milkomeda N NFTs)
  • Entertainer
  • Healer
  • Innovator
  • Creator
  • Artist

Introducing the first PFP NFT project, Milkomeda N Project by Canvas N MilkomedaN is a PFP membership that leads the active expansion of the CanvasN Art ecosystem.

Milkomeda N produces various and wonderful goods items using unique characters.
  • 2022
    1. 1Q
      Canvas N Ecosystem
      The new market ecosystem for the merging of the art industry with blockchain technology is the Canvas N ecosystem initiative.
      Canvas N platform, Milkomeda N project, Offline gallery and GalleryCoin (GLR) Plans.
      Plans for Milkomeda N Project
      The first large-scale project in Korea to incorporate actual art and NFT
      Partnership with a variety of companies and professionals from the Korean Art Community.
      The First Quarter Milestone Accomplished
    2. 2Q
      Canvas N Platform Development Begins (1.3 billion won in Platform Construction Costs)
      Work with leading blockchain companies to launch Canvas N platform development
      Planning by Milkomeda N Project (High-quality video, webtoon, and character production with a content cost investment of 1.1 billion won)
      Collaborate with a design team with a solid career to create five distinctive characters
      With the leading company in VFX globally, making webtoons and videos with original plots and vibrant colors
      Influencers from Various Industries Participating in Korea
      Korean actors, comedians, and SNS influencers who voluntarily participate
      The Second Quarter Milestone Accomplished
    3. 3Q
      Canvas N Art Investment Platform Launch Preparation
      The first model of Canvas N, which is a reliable representation of the new market, signing a contract with actor Kim Soo-hyun
      The enhancement of artistry with hiring 10 professional curators
      Milkomeda N Launching Preparation
      Actress Seorina , the main model for milkomeda N enter a contract
      The First and Largest NFT Exhibition that Never Seen Before in Korea at the Main building of Seoul Auction (With a Budget of More than 700 million won)
      Preparation for the first NFT show in Korea where visitors can simultaneously view NFT works and actual artworks is underway
      The large scale exhibition to promote Milkomeda N Project’s artistic prowess
      1,000 ready supplies were sold out, and more pre-orders were placed
      Launching Marketing Project (Aggressive Marketing, Investment worth 1.5 billion)
      Creation of TV ads and promotions using only the best models (With the investment of more than 1.2 billion won, the exclusive model is used to create a public-friendly image)
      Bus advertising in Seoul and other metropolitan cities
      Commence project promotion with Gangnam outdoor advertising
      Milkomeda N Project Plans
      First major project in Korea to incorporate both actual art and NFT is Milkomeda N Project
      Work together with a variety of partners and specialists from the Korean art community
      The Third Quarter Milestone Accomplished
    4. 4Q
      Canvas N Beta Open Start platform ecosystem by opening
      Canvas N marketing begins : advertisements with famous magazines(Monthly art, GQ, Luxury, etc.) and SNS company owned
      Various events for recruiting members : event auction and sns linking event
      Milkomeda N Launching
      NFT minting completed through program that belongs to company
      Launch by tribes : 5 types of 10,000 NFT minting completed
      Reveal story, webtoon and videos through Milkomedan homepage
      Reveal 100 legendary works with artistic motifs
      Sell goods (wine/champagne art toy etc) using Milkomeda N IP
      Intensive investment of more than 500 million won is made in the creation of IP contents, including Milkomeda N Products
      The Fourth Quarter Milestone Accomplished
  • 2023
    1. 1Q
      Ready for Canvas N Platform Official Opening
      Art investment global platform with art trading/auction/NFT market New customer registration events and official opening of service
      Ready for CanvasN Offline Gallery Opening
      MOU with Daegu Hwarang Association
      MOU with major Galleries in Korea
      MOU with BENTLY HOME
      Milkomeda N
      The introduction of robot pet NFT, and the release of NFT in response to Milkomeda N reinforce presence (2,500 robot pets)
      Release Announcement for GalleryCoin (GLR): GalleryCoin Presale / Milkomeda N Holder Airdrop / Canvas N Member Airdrop / Community Event
      GalleryCoin(GLR) will be Listed on LBank, the Tenth-Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World(3.9)
    2. 2Q
      Opening Canvas N Offline Gallery Gangnam (20 billion, Newly Constructed)
      Large opening exhibition will be held
      The establishment of Canvas N Gangnam, a complete cultural venue, stimulates business
      A company collection worth 10 billion won will be display and an exhibition with different artists will be continued
      Develop the Extensive Services of Canvas N
      Global Service for Canvas N Support
      PFP NFT and NFT Art Market Launch
      Kickstart the launch of of offline services with artists/galleries
      Active artists and galleries active engaged through expanded services
      Participate in Art Busan 2023
      GalleryCoin(GLR) will be Listed in Cryptocurrency Exchanges
      Milkomeda N Special NFT Issued
      NFTs related to art and culture issued
    3. 3Q
      Support for Digital Wallet Use and Connectivity in the Canvas N Platform
      Improved Online/Offline Connection for Canvas N
      The First Canvas N Private Auction (Participation is limited to those who are qualified to have GalleryCoins)
      Activate On/Offline Platform(Gallery, Artist, Event)
      500 Artists(including NFTs), 50 Galleries will be Drawn
      Participate in Frieze Seoul
      GalleryCoin(GLR) will be Listed in Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchanges
      The First Canvas N Rising Artist Contest
    4. 4Q
      Expansion of Canvas N Services
      Support exhibitions of artists, artworks and galleries on platform
      Activate On/Offline Platform
      Collaborations with high-profile partnerships and auction companies both domestically and internationally
      Open the Metaverse Gallery
      “Art Tour of Canvas N" will be Launched (a Famous Docent will be Leading)
      GalleryCoin(GLR) will be Listed Additionally Both on Domestic and Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • 2024
    1. 1Q
      The Second Canvas N Private Auction (Participation is limited to those who are qualified to have GalleryCoins)
      Activate Metaverse Gallery Exhibition
      Attracting rising artists actively and holding exhibitions
      Canvas N Overseas Expansion, Exhibition will be held in Collaboration with Major Galleries in Japan.
      Canvas N ambassador and docents will be selected
  • Hocheol Hong Vice President/New Media Director
    Animation and Game Art Director, Taewon entertainment. Tangible Contents, Metaverse, Digital Contents Convergence Expert CG Supervisor for about 100 movies, TV shows, and advertisements 2009 Master plan and general management of tangible contents establishment for ‘Marvel Theme Park,’ ‘K-Wave Exhibition,’ ‘Panta VR,’ ‘VR Live,’ ‘Happy Villain’s Theme Park,’ and more
  • Youngjin Seo Vice President/Producer
    Board Member, Global Talent Agency Board member, Moive-making Studio Participated in the distribution of several movies, including ‘Painted Skin,’ ‘A Chinese Ghost Story,’ Scandal Makers,’ etc. Mutual promotion of NHL Character business with Stan Lee, Marvel Establisher Global Contents Sourcing Business
  • Jaehan Lee Movie Director
    Majored in Movies, NYU 1998 Debut with ‘The Cut Runs Deep’ Directed ‘A Moment to Remember,’ ‘Saying good-bye, oneday,’ ‘71: Into the Fire,’ ‘The Third Way of Love,’ ‘Battle of Incheon,’ and other domestic/overseas movies
  • Youngjeong Park VFX Director
    CG Supervisor, ‘The Uprising’ 2007 Entered Chinese CG market via ‘Kinomotive’ Mutual establisher, MAS Major works: ‘Monkey King,’ ‘Air Strike’, ‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon’, ‘Narcopolis,’ and more
  • Minseong Shin Director/VFX supervisor
    Expert supervisor, Mix Film, Kiomotive, Inster Supervisor for ‘Okja,’ ‘Mongkey King,’ ‘Air Strike,’ ‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon,’ ‘Space Sweepers,’ ‘Vanguard,’ ‘Grid’
Jang Hyunwoo
Academic Ability
Received Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations at Chung-Ang University
CEO of Canvas N
From 2010 to present, retention of Shanghai VERSACE HOME, DOLCEGABBANNA CASA, BENTLY HOME, ETRO HOME,ROBERTO CAVALLI HOME Copyright License
Founder of Corp. LGS (DOLCE & GABBANNA CASA)
Maison Hannam
Shanghai Taemyung Furniture (Production Factory)
Taemyung Furniture Company
  • Curator
    Claire Noh
    Academic Ability
    Masters in Art History, Hongik University
    Canvas N Curator
    Coordinator, Jeonbuk Province Art Museum
    Daegu National Children’s Science Museum, Gyeongsangbuk-do Forest Science Museum, more Planned multiple permanent exhibitions
    Planned special exhibitions for multiple art museums and galleries, including K Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Curator
    Cassie Kim
    Academic Ability
    Textile arts at department of formative arts, Ewha women’s university
    Canvas N Curator
    Newsin media columnist
    Curator at Insa art plaza gallery
    Curator at dohl gallery
    Curator at Park ryu Sook gallery
    Curator at Lee sang art gallery
  • Curator
    Dana Kyung
    Academic Ability
    Master in Korean Art, Dongduk Women’s University
    Canvas N Curator
    Special Exhibition Planning, Dongduk Art Gallery
    Curator of Gallery KNOT
    Special Exhibition Planning, Gallery KNOT
    Lots of Solo Exhibition and Group Exhibition
  • Curator
    Liv Hong
    Academic Ability
    Master in Korean Art, Dongduk Women’s University
    Canvas N Curator
    Art&Science Project Pulse Fiction Planning
    Permanent Exhibition and Special Exhibition Planning, Dongduk Women’s University Museum & Museum of Art
    Special Exhibition Planning, Dongduk Art Gallery
    Sam Kim
    Academic Ability
    Majoring Economics and Trade, Kyungpook University
    Canvas N Manager
    Jessica Yoo
    Academic Ability
    Majoring Korean Language and Literature, Duksung Women’s University
    Canvas N Manager
    Anna Cho
    Academic Ability
    Majoring Korean Language and Literature, Duksung Women’s University
    Canvas N Manager
    Smith Sin
    Academic Ability
    Majoring Trade, Yeungnam University
    Canvas N Manager
    Jinny Oh
    Academic Ability
    Majoring Visual Information Design, Kongju National University
    Canvas N Designer