• 2022
    1. 1Q
      Canvas N Ecosystem Initiative
      Designing a new market ecosystem aimed at converging the art market and blockchain technology
      Establishment of structures such as Canvas N platform, Milcomeda N project, offline gallery, etc. and planning of GalleryCoin (GLR)
      Milcomeda N Project Planning
      Planning a large-scale project that combines actual works of art and NFT for the first time in Korea
      Collaborate with various partners and experts representing the Korean art world
      1st quarter milestone achieved
    2. 2Q
      Started development of Canvas N platform (investment of 1.3 billion worth of platform construction costs)
      Started development of Canvas N platform through collaboration with leading companies in the blockchain field
      Milcomeda N Project worldview planning (producing high-quality videos, webtoons, and characters with an investment of 1.1 billion worth of content)
      Creation of five unique races of characters through collaboration with a design team with a solid career.
      Producing unique story lines, colorful videos, and webtoons through a world-leading company in the VFX field.
      Participation of influencers from various fields in Korea
      Voluntary participation of trend-leading domestic actors, comedians, and SNS influencers to enter the early stages of a large-scale art ecosystem project.
      2nd quarter milestone achieved
    3. 3Q
      Preparing to launch the Canvas N Art Tech platform
      Signed a contract with Kim Soo-hyun, the first model of Canvas N, which gives confidence in representing a new market
      Strengthening artistry through the input of 10 professional curators
      Preparing to launch Milcomeda N
      Milcomeda N signs a contract with actress Seol In-ah as its first main model
      Planning of Korea's first and largest NFT exhibition at Seoul Auction's main building (large-scale exhibition with a budget of over 700 million won)
      Planning for Korea's first NFT exhibition where you can experience both NFT works and actual works of art at the same time
      A large-scale exhibition was held to promote the quality of the Milcomeda N project.
      1,000 units sold out and additional pre-orders available
      Start of marketing project (Strategic marketing investment worth 1.5 billion won)
      Preparing for TV commercials and promotions through exclusive models (creating a public-friendly image using exclusive models with an investment of over KRW 1.2 billion)
      Bus advertising in Seoul and other metropolitan cities
      Start promoting the project through outdoor advertising in Gangnam
      Milcomeda N project planning
      Planning a large-scale project that combines actual works of art and NFT for the first time in Korea
      Collaborate with various partners and experts representing the Korean art world
      3rd quarter milestone achieved
    4. 4Q
      Canvas N Beta Open
      Start of platform ecosystem by opening www.canvasn.co.kr
      Canvas N marketing: print advertisements (monthly art, GQ, Luxury, etc.) and publishing of own SNS content
      Various events held to secure the number of members: event auctions and SNS-linked events
      Milcomeda N launched
      NFT issuance through self-development program
      Launching by race: A total of 10,000 NFTs issued for 5 races
      Stories, webtoons, and videos are released through the opening of the Milcomeda N website.
      100 legendary works with artistic motifs revealed
      Selling various goods (wine / champagne / art toys, etc.) using Milcomeda N IP
      Aggressive upfront investment of over 500 million won in IP content production such as Milcomeda N goods
      4th quarter milestone achieved
  • 2023
    1. 1Q
      Preparation for official opening of Canvas N platform
      Art tech global platform official service including art trading/auction/NFT market opened, new member registration event held
      3Q of 2023: Art platform opened / 4Q of 2023: NFT market opened
      Canvas N offline gallery opening preparation
      Signed MOU with Daegu Gallery Association
      Signed an MOU with a major domestic gallery
      VERSACE HOME MOU signed
      BENTLEY HOME MOU signed
      Milcomeda N
      Launch of pet robot NFT, strengthening community through subsequent issuance of Milcomeda N NFT (2,500 pet robots)
      Release announcement: GalleryCoin pre-sale / Milkomeda N holder airdrop announcement / Canvas N member airdrop / Community event
      GalleryCoin (GLR) completed listing on LBank, the world's top 10 global exchange (3.9)
      1st quarter milestone achieved
    2. 2Q
      Canvas N Gangnam offline gallery opened (newly built for KRW 20 billion)
      Large-scale opening exhibition held
      Accelerating business through the opening of Canvas N Gangnam, a comprehensive cultural space
      10 billion Won in-house collection special exhibition, special exhibition held with various artists
      Development of Canvas N extension function
      Full-scale launch of offline services linked to artists/galleries
      Actively maintaining artists and galleries based on expanded services
      The 1st Dansaekhwa Masters Exhibition held
      GalleryCoin (GLR) plans to continue listing on global exchanges
      Milcomeda N Special NFT issued
      Issuance of special NFTs linked to culture and arts
      2nd quarter milestone achieved
    3. 3Q
      Electronic wallet connection and usage support within the Canvas N platform
      Strengthening the Canvas N online/offline linkage system
      Canvas N Art online platform officially opened
      The 1st Canvas N Private Auction held (only those with Gallery Coins can participate)
      Activation of online and offline platforms (gallery, artists, events)
      Attracting 50 galleries and 500 artists (including NFTs)
      2nd Global Artist Collection Exhibition held
      GalleryCoin (GLR) scheduled to be listed on domestic exchanges
      The 1st Canvas N New Artist Contest held
    4. 4Q
      Canvas N service expansion
      Support for exhibitions of artists, works, and galleries registered on the platform
      NFT Marketplace Open
      Activation of online and offline platforms
      Attracting partnerships with famous domestic and global auctions and partners
      Metaverse Gallery opens
      “Domestic and international art tour” hosted by Canvas N opens (famous docent scheduled to lead)
      GalleryCoin (GLR) scheduled to be additionally listed on domestic and overseas exchanges
  • 2024
    1. 1Q
      The 2nd Canvas N Private Auction held (only those holding Gallery Coins can participate)
      Activation of Metaverse Gallery exhibition
      Actively attracting new artists and holding exhibitions
      Canvas N expands overseas and holds exhibitions in collaboration with major Japanese galleries
      Selected as Canvas N ambassador, served as a docent