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Gallery Coin GRL

Gallery Coin is a cryptocurrency in its own token format designed to be used under optimal conditions in various services in the art and NFT art fields provided by Canvas N, the core platform of this project.

A variety of art content, including online art auctions, Metaverse Gallery, and NFT marketplace, is available through Gallery Coin.

  • 1. Use Gallery Coin (GLR) in the art tech platform ‘Canvas N’
    • Transaction Support

    • Auction Participation

    • Registration of work

  • 2. Global art trade
    • Trade art works from various countries/artists

    • Transaction support for global auction companies

  • 3. Support for transaction methods within the NFT marketplace (main net development)
    • Minting, issuance, registration, trading

  • 4. Metaverse Gallery support
    • Exhibitions and viewings within the metaverse space

    • NFT work trading within the metaverse space

  • 5. Artwork warranty NFT
    • Work transaction information can be checked through metadata

    • Provides a transparent distribution channel through transactions

Canvas N Ecosystem (Affiliate Partners and Utilities)
  • Art Tech Platform
  • Metaverse Gallery
  • Artwork warranty NFT
  • Art fairs and exhibitions
GalleryCoin GRL
Token Economy

Gallery Coin builds a token economy in line with this diversification of profit structure. Gallery Coin supports general art transactions and NFT art transactions and grows the token ecosystem by attracting various market participants in Metaverse, a virtual space where they can enjoy them.

In Gallery Coin’s transparent token economy, galleries, artists, NFT teams, and collectors will grow along with the growing art market.

Token basic information
Name (ticker)
Token standard, underlying network
ERC-20 standard (Ethereum blockchain network)
Token contract address
Maximum issuance amount
2,000,000,000 GLR
Initial issuance amount
20,000,000 GLR
Token Allocation and Distribution
Groups Token amount Portion Lock-up Vesting Plan
Seed Sale 20,000,000 1.0% - -
Private Sale 20,000,000 1.0% 3 Months Vesting for 6 months
Strategic Sale 8,000,000 0.4% 3 Months Vesting for 18 months
Public Sale 20,000,000 1.0% - Vesting for 36 months
Team 200,000,000 10.0% 24 Months Vesting for 24 months
Advisor 100,000,000 5.0% 24 Months Vesting for 24 months
Ecosystem 300,000,000 15.0% 6 Months Vesting for 36 months
Liquidity 200,000,000 10.0% - Vesting for 12 months
Marketing 200,000,000 10.0% - Vesting for 12 months
Platform 600,000,000 30.0% 24 Months Vesting for 60 months
milkomedaN Owners 132,000,000 6.6% 1 Month Vesting for 6 months
Charity 100,000,000 5.0% - Vesting for 60 months
Reserve 100,000,000 5.0% 6 Months Vesting for 24 months
Total Issue 2,000,000,000 100.0%

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Token Allocation